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If Your Toilet Overflows Or You Have a Sewage Backup, We Respond Fast!

Raw sewage creates a mess that is incredibly hard to clean, smells terrible, and it is a biohazard. The longer it stays in your home, the more it can creep into your floor, carpets, walls, and personal items/furniture. Not only does this make it harder to get rid of the smell, it means the repair & cleanup work may be far more expensive. Don’t wait to see if the problem clears up on it’s own (it won’t) and please do not try to clean the mess yourself. It isn’t unusual for us to arrive on site, only to find that the customer had tried to clean the mess themselves, before they talked to us. We cannot stress enough the importance of letting trained professionals handle and dispose of raw sewage that has flooded your home. Raw sewage can contain viruses, bacteria, and other blood borne pathogens that are harmful to your health and store bought cleaners usually are not strong enough to thoroughly sanitize the mess left behind. That’s why The Water Damage Pros are on call 24/7 to provide septic & sewage backup cleanup in St. Petersburg, FL. Just contact us online or give us a call at 727-333-5533 and we will be on site quickly to get rid of the sewage, safely and professionally.

Common Warning Signs Of Sewage Backups In St. Petersburg

There are two types of sewage backups in St. Petersburg

  1. A clog or break in your drain lines.
  2. A clog or break in the main sewer line of your home.

A drain line transports waste waster from a drain to your sewer main. If water in your sinks or toilets drain slowly, they may be clogged, you may even start to notice bubbling from your toilet or puddles of water near your sink, bath or shower. Drain clogs will only effect the fixtures attached to the line is clogged, so these signs won’t be in every area of your home. Fortunately, if you notice these issues, you can often prevent a sewage backup before it happens.

A sewer main, on the other hand, connects waste water from your entire home to the sewer system. These types of clogs & breaks can cause serious damage to your property and are often caused by tree roots or the wrong things being flushed down the toilet: hair, feminine hygiene products, and other items that shouldn’t be flushed.  If the sewer main is clogged or your sump pump is broken, all of the drains in your home may run slowly, you may notice foul odors emanating from them, flushing a toilet may cause backups in other areas of your home.

If you notice any of these warning signs, call a plumber before sewage backs up int your property and you can prevent a very costly problem from ever occurring. However, if your septic system or sewage system has backed up, our trained professionals are able to help 24 hours a day with sewage cleanup in St. Petersburg.

Our Disaster Restoration Techs Can Be On Site In About 60 Minutes


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Comprehensive Sewage Backup Cleanup & Repair in St. Petersburg, FL

Our sewage backup process starts with your first phone call. A member of our team will ask you questions to figure out more about the scope of the sewage damage so that we can make sure our team is prepared and has the right tools for your issue. As soon as we arrive, in about an hour, our team will find the source of the sewage backup and fix it so that no more sewage can flood your property. Next, we set up physical and chemical barriers to make sure the sewage doesn’t spread to unaffected areas of your home. After we are sure that no more sewage damage will occur, we will extract any water and sewage and dispose of it safely. Our team uses hospital grade chemicals to make sure the the affected areas are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and free from any health risks that can accompany human waste. After the sewage cleanup is done, we will dry out the rooms, make sure that there are no lingering odors, and repair any damage that was caused to your property as a result of water damage or sewage damage. If the incident is covered by your insurance company, we can bill them directly so you don’t have to.